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How to…

Create a world-unique native advertising experience and reach a massive audience during the summer holidays.

The solution

For a newspaper to publish a crime novel, chapter by chapter in the printed paper over the summer is not only common, but also very appreciated by vacationers. Swedes love to read their Scandinavian crime novels in their sun chairs or on the beach. That’s why we created the world’s first native crime novel and distributed it through our title Sydsvenskan.

The base of the campaign was the fictional story – the novel itself. We chose an established author, used to writing tense and action-filled stories with many cliffhangers and told him to place the story partly in the shopping mall. We wanted people to read the novel over time, and not lose interest. We took fiction into native advertising.

The teasers on the newspaper’s front page were written in the form of a news article, referring to the events in the fictional chapters as news. But of course with clearly visible advertising markers and information saying the content was fictional so that nobody would misunderstand.

In a nutshell

Using the fact that a newspaper consists of other things than news articles gave us the opportunity to work with the same mindset as in other native advertisings campaigns, even though we created a fictional story. By reaching the readers in the way they want to consume media in their lazy summer day, we achieved the goal of a persistent awareness among Mobila Shopping Malls potential visitors.


Silver in “Best use of text” – Native Advertising Awards 2019.


“We are very proud of this whole experience, that this native novel has been for us. It has been challenging, exciting and we have learnt a lot from it. And most of all this has put our shopping mall in a whole new context. We are grateful towards Bonnier News Brand Studio and Sydsvenskan for giving us the courage to do this innovative marketing campaign. We have gotten a lot of positive reactions and has been a little bit of a ”talk of the town” within out field of business.

Maria Svensson, head of marketing at Mobila Shopping Mall / Atrium Ljungberg AB