Bonnier News Brand Studio

World Championship of Pasta


How to…

Use story experience in realtime to highlight the most well-known pasta maker in the world as a premium brand – and create culinary sensations.

The solution

In order to strengthen Barilla’s already strong market shares in Sweden, we used Dagens Nyheter as our arena to celebrate the joy of pasta – making good and healthy food, and recognizing dinner as the collective highlight of the day.

We set out to follow the journey of Léa Marion, Sweden’s representative at the 2019 Pasta World Championship in Paris. The adventure kickstarted with long read articles, print advertorials and a freshly produced video made in wonderful Stockholm surroundings portraying the Swedish chef. The story escalated in Paris where our team covered the tournament on location, producing daily news oriented continuous scroll articles to create a buzz about the pasta drama on Sweden’s biggest and most awarded daily newspaper.

One mission was to spread Barilla’s message for the next generation of pasta lovers: Good for You, Good for the Planet. Our solution paid attention on nutritious alternatives to traditional pasta made from, for example, gluten free and Non-GMO chickpeas. That turned out to be an ideal way of  showing how the 141 year old Barilla brand takes a responsible bite into the future world of food production. 


In a nutshell

Covering the Pasta World Championship on location – as any big sports events – and publishing the stories in realtime on Dagens Nyheter turned out to be a success. This powerful storytelling technique has become a role model for gaining attention and engagement in a world that is flooded by information. 


“The purpose of the campaign was to communicate around Barilla Pasta World Championship and to discover The Art of Pasta on the Swedish market. With a strong concept delivering inspirational and engaging content in different formats we were able to successfully engage with our target group in a relevant context with great results”.

Louise Steinbrecher, Digital Brand Manager Nordics, Barilla Groups