Bonnier News Brand Studio

Gruyère AOP



Establish Gruyère AOP as the number one premium cheese in the Nordic market.

The Solution  

We wished to take on the challenge of getting a rather conservative organisation to make a switch from traditional print advertising into communication with a bit more creative edge. Through a close dialogue with Mikko Ruchti, Event and Marketing Manager at Switzerland Cheese Marketing, SCM, and with solid background research and advice from Bonnier News Analytics department and Allt of Mat’s editors, we ultimately gained the confidence to develop an array of creative and unique concepts.

Due to outstanding results of previous campaigns, our relationship with Gruyère has continuously strengthened over the past couple of years and today we are proud to say that we play an important role as advisors to SCM, acting as consultants for their communication initiatives in the Nordics.

The collaboration now extends over three years and includes native articles, print advertising tutorials, videos, influencers, displays and events. The content we create is distributed mainly in Bonnier News Lifestyle channels but also in the shape of radio commercials, store material and much more. The key to our success is not only a strong conceptual theme but, first and foremost, a very close relationship and collaboration with our client.

In a nutshell

An incredibly fun and rewarding collaboration which resulted in a perfect delivery on all parts and an extended confidence in managing large parts of SCM’s Nordic marketing budget. In 2019, Le Gruyère AOP beat their most important competitor Västerbotten in “preferred brand” (35% versus 23%). As Bonnier News is their primary marketing channel, we can clearly see the smashing results of our rare and thriving collaboration. 


“We have chosen Bonnier News as a main partner in Sweden for their ability, flexibility and passion to create a strong and multifaceted campaign for Le Gruyère AOP. For a premium product with a thousand-year-old history product like ours, storytelling is key. Through a multitude of channels and formats, our story was told in an elegant way, spiced up with inspiring and mouth-watering content. The results were clearly over expectation, the general product knowledge, brand awareness and sympathy values drastically increased. We are happy to continue our exciting cooperation!”

Mikko Ruchti, Country Manager Nordics, Switzerland Cheese Marketing