Bonnier News Brand Studio

Föreningsliv & Eldsjälsgalan


How to…

Gain huge success and create something unique – by using a commercial platform for the greater good.

The solution

In this long-term partnership, Bonnier News commercial department Bonnier News Brand Studio and newspaper Expressen teamed up with Folkspel, a gambling company that donates their profit to support youth sports activities, to do something that has never been done before. We created Föreningsliv: a commercial section about sports activities, where Folkspel are exclusive in all commercial content. In this groundbreaking collaboration with the editorial staff, the Expressen reporters created popular content in the everyday news, which brought attention to the brand new section. As a complement to this, native articles written by Bonnier News Brand Studio were published to spread commercial statements by Folkspel, about sports activities and the good it brings. Also, we cover och produce Eldsjälsgalan, a gala that honours their game-changers.

In a nutshell

This unique partnership has resulted in a huge success and is one of the largest commercial collaborations on Bonnier News’ platforms ever.


“Without sports associations, Sweden would probably be a more unsafe country to grow up in. For both youths and for them as adults. We have highlighted this message because associations can not be taken for granted. They are always in need of maintenance. And through the stories that Expressen is part of telling, we create engagement that helps drive sports associations forward. In addition to sales, our brand has grown both in awareness and in positive feelings, we have never been as well-known as we are now.”

Henrik Lindroth, marketing director at Folkspel

“Föreningsliv made sure that Expressen got a better mix of content than to before. We always cover the big stars and the popular teams, but thanks to this project we can focus on and meet the people that aren’t huge names today but are very important to the sports society.”

Pär Andersson, head of sports, Expressen